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Lances & Labyrinths — A Free Tunnels & Trolls-like Fantasy RPG — 8 Comments

  1. It's an interesting read, and looks well done, unfortunately the download doesn't seem to function (though I could read it). You have no idea where this came from?

  2. The download is working fine for me (I just downloaded it) with Windows 7 64-bit and Firefox 3.6.6.

    I found the file in my Downloads folder when I was doing my backups yesterday. I don't remember where I downloaded it and Google did not help. To be honest, I thought it was a new Microlite20 variant I had saved foir the next edition of The Microlite20 RPG Collection until I actually looked at it.

  3. Yep. Got it. Put the question of it's origins to the fine fellows at Vin's Trollbridge, we'll see if any info is scared up…

  4. It makes absolutely no sense to say that's what happens when T&T is too complex! That is more complex than T&T.

    I really like it, though.

    Thanks for finding that little gem, Randall.