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My Favorite (Arduin) Monsters — 7 Comments

  1. I remember most of those fondly. (Not the Hell Maidens, for some reason.) To the list I’d add Deodanths (gotta respect a direct Vance swipe), Phandelions, Piranhakeets, and last but not least, Kill Kittens. My brother’s girlfriend was one of those players who’d fall for them every time.

  2. Kill Kittens only worked a couple of times with each of my groups. Then all kittens who looked injured were avoided. Bubble Men were magical constructs in my world, but people hated to see them coming all the same.

  3. Great Idea! I’ve managed to avoid this meme until now, so I’ll get involved since I love your idea.

    For me, no Arduin listing of favorites is complete without:

    Star Demons
    Boogie Men
    Black Lightning Elementals

    You get the idea. Arduin was rock solid.

  4. Dave,

    Star demons and Valpyrs are other favorites. I didn’t put them on the list because I did not use them that often.

    Arduin monsters were darn good, but a lot of the classes were really over the top powerful. A few could make the worst munichkin combination of 3.x classes seem relatively tame.