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Old School Gaming and Skills — 3 Comments

  1. This is very much in the spirit of my idea of adopting the T&T Saving Roll system to pre-3.x D&D, especially AD&D's proficiency system.

    What makes the T&T system so useful is the narrative helps in setting the SR level. If you do that based solely on the description then you can simply let having an appropriate proficiency lower the level of the roll by one.

  2. I’m doing this in my campaign, which is pretty rules-light, but the characters can develop ‘ranks’ in their skill to modify rolls where applicable

  3. Herb,

    I've tried using the T&T Saving Roll system (at least the system used in early versions of T&T — I'm not familiar with 7), but it never seems to fit well into the D&D system — at least in my games.