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Old School in D&D Short fan Film — 10 Comments

  1. The folks who did this film did a great job and really have a feel for the material. It beats either of the D&D movies, IMHO.

  2. That video was edited by Riley Swift of Dungeon Majesty / Telefantasy Studios. The music was composed for the video by one of the guys from the Metal Band "Crom".

    It's one of my favourite web videos. When I was interviewing JJ from Dungeon Majesty (also one of the ladies at the beginning of this vid) I made a point of asking about how it was put together and where the music came from.

  3. Neato! I couldn't tell where much of the art came from, but I know I've seen it or something like it many times. I loved the feel of it all. Especially that really detailed art I associate with Fighting Fantasy game books from England.

  4. The interview isn't online yet. Hopefully I'll get back on track with that project this summer and start posting them. 🙂