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Saving “Save-or-Die”: An Optional Rule to “Save” the Day — 4 Comments

  1. I like your solution. I've always felt that there should be more KOs and incapacitations than outright deaths. Yours is a nice simple mechanic to represent this.

    If there's no risk, then there is no fun. Besides, it's an RPG, not an arcade game. You don't get to put a quarter in the slot and pick up where you left off. Geez. People need to take a pill.

  2. I really like your solution! As I was reading it I started to formulate a solution to the issue in my head, and as I keep reading you nailed it, exactly!

    Good stuff.

  3. I do like your solution. Ido like 4e and it would work in that style of play as well. 4e usually uses a "several saves-or-die" effect that means there's such a small chance of being effected that it doesn't give a threat. This would make them threats again.