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Searchers of the Unknown One Page RPG: The Many Variants — 17 Comments

  1. Witches of N'Kai, by Caleb Jensen.

    This was submitted to Fight On! and we were interested in publishing it but we were never able to find the initial contact letter or get in touch with the author, so we're still waiting for that before we go with it.

  2. @wandrin wizard: I didn't upload any of them. I just found them and make this list of where they are so others can download them.

  3. @ E.T. Smith: That's the problem with using Mediafire (and other such file download services) as a place to store your files. The service deletes them if they aren't downloaded regularly. Unfortunately, there's not much that can be down for a list like this when the files disappear.

  4. •JUNG GUNS – Wild West Adventures
    •Song of the Symbi – Spear and Planet Adventures
    •Funkin' Fists of Fu – Kung Fu Martial Arts

    are invalid 😉