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Whither Microlite20? — 7 Comments

  1. Things went pretty strange after the handover. I posted Beacon updates up there for a while but I just found it was easier to manage things on my own.

  2. Mr Todd: The latest Beacon I have is "Draft Version 5". If there is anything later, please let me know as I hope to get a 2014 M20 Collection out as it's been two years since the last. Finding updates and new M20 games is hard since the SMF Microlite20 forum was closed, however.

  3. Thanks for the thoughts Randall! (Sort of wish I got emails about things people don't like :p)

    The vanilla forum is still up and running, but I've stopped drawing attention to it because people natural started flowing over to the facebook group that a fan had created. I'm leaving it up for when/if a community interest in a dedicated a forum.

    As far as gum road I really wish I could just turn the download feature off. The reason I use it is because it integrates with mail chimp so I can send updates when I fix things in the doc. I'll try and look into another alternative that will accomplish the same thing with less confusion.

    Last I knew there were not broken links for the microlite20.net resources. I recently added a new feature to the site that will let people filter resources really easy: I still have to go through each file and add the tags to let filtering work. I'll make sure to check all the downloads as I go.

    The name is an admitted problem I was originally calling it Microlite20 Stories…but then I just didn't for some reason. I think In the next file fix I do (probably tomorrow or Friday Actually) I'll switch it to M20 Stories like I was originally thinking.

  4. Seth: The only reason you did not get an email on the server issues is that my emails to you are getting some strange server error: "554 – Transaction failed" which is one of those "some strange undefined mail server problem which doesn't fit anywhere else" unhelpful error codes.If you still have my email address, try sending me an email and I'll try to reply to it.

  5. Beacon is up to the v6 draft release now. It is pretty much where I want it to be now and probably won't be changing very much. I'll version it up to 1.0 someday when I get a few more more high level playtests in. As is it has served well for a lot of One Page Dungeons and Dyson Delves.

    You can always find the latest version here: http://beacond20.blogspot.ca/p/get-beacon.html

  6. Weird emailed you to hopefully straighten it out.

    What would your opinion be if I chose to change the naming scheme to say Microlite20 Stories?

  7. Seth: Microlite20 Stories would be great. It would avoid all the confusion that keeping the name "Microlite20" would cause give that there are over a 100 "first edition" M20 variants referring to the D20 version as "Microlite20" not to mention thousands of message board, FB, G+, and blog posts also using "Microlite20" in its original D20 sense.