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Why D&D 5e is Not for Me — 7 Comments

  1. "I received an email asking me why I was continuing to run TSR editions and retroclones instead of just using 5e."

    Your reply contained considerably less profanity than mine would have. I admire your restraint.

  2. When early hints of 5E began to leak out of WoTC, several people said it looked a lot like my Basic Fantasy RPG. The final result? Eh, not so much…

  3. The first one is a really good point that often gets overlooked today. But to me, rules systems are like the physics for the settings.

    Mystara lost a lot when it was converted to AD&D 2e. While B/X and BECMI D&D is close to AD&D, it had just a lot of minor differences in rules that led to big consequences. Things like no half-elves. Or since potions of longevity didn't have a catch, you had literally 100s of really old magic-users

  4. Some of these issues are fixable within the system and some are more fixable by using a different system. I'm with you on this: I would play in a 5e game but I would no t want to run one.

  5. @ Randall:

    Huh. Hadn't had a chance to read this till now (5E is not a burning interest of mine either).

    You point out some flaws to the advantage/disadantage mechanic that I hadn't considered (I've adopted it for one of my own game designs). I really appreciate that.

    Your other "nitpicks" are also appreciated (for their info). Thanks!

  6. I don't like paying $150 bucks for a system that I can emulate and house-rule from one of the many OSRs that I can download for free. And I much prefer M20 and the like – Rules-lite RULES! OSR forever!