New in Downloads

Searchers of the Unknown Foreign Planets Edition

A two page Searchers of the Unknown variant tat has a few extras: e.g. STUNT and INIT values, character traits and bonuses, and a slightly more complex advancement system.

Microlite20 New Generation

This is a draft version of an attempted revision of Microlite20 from 2017.

Microlite20 Tablet Digest Editable

A zip file containing the original Microlite20 Tablet Digest rules in the following word processor formats: .docx, .doc, .odt. The .docx format is the original and was created with MS Word 2010.

Microlite20 Editable

A zip file containing the original Microlite20 rules in the following word processor formats: .docx, .doc, .rtf, .odt.

The Lost Tome

A one page adventure for Microlite20.

Warning: PDF loads with a "Cannot load embedded font Georgia" error on my system and most of the text is missing. It might display if you have the missing font on your computer. If you don't, this download is probably useless.

Temple of Kthuuk

An Adventure for Microlite20: Hidden in the copse is a cave mouth underneath a rock outcropping shaped like a dragon's jaw. This is the entrance to the Temple of K'thu'uk, now the Verdant Kobold's home and holiest of holies. You have been asked by the Sheriff of Ashton (the closest Human Village) to clear the Kobolds from the area once and for all. Behemial Shoreson, one of the villagers, was killed in the Trapped Copse just a week ago. Enough is enough.

This is a zip file contains a standard PDF of the adventure and a pocketmod version of the adventure.

Slave Raiders of Rockwall

An adventure for Microlite: Someone or something is destroying the farms and hunting lodges near the city of Rockwall. Four farms and two hunting lodges have been discovered, razed to the ground. What is more concerning is the fate of the inhabitants; no survivors have been found, and at two farms, the elderly and lame were slaughtered and left for the carrion birds. The Baron of Rockwall has offered a 500 gp reward to whoever can find and destroy whatever is attacking the farms. Additionally, the Baron’s nephew, Alexander, was at one of the hunting lodges, and is now missing…

This is a zip file containing the adventure PDF and two map jpgs.

Quest for the Abyssal Scepter

A Microlite20 adventure for first level characters. A simple wooden stick… but with the power to control anyone? Known as the Abyssal Scepter it has been stolen from the Priests of Woodcliff by a horde of goblins, worse, behind this theft is a master plan to destroy the town of Woodcliff entirely.

White Room

A one page adventure for Microlite20: The characters awaken to find themselves in a featureless white room surrounded by plain black walls. It is about 200' square with no apparent means of exit. There is no ceiling, only an unearthly white glow that illuminates the whole area.

The Tomb of Mighty Madness (Pocketmod)

A dungeon adventure for Microlite20 in Pocketmod format.